Privacy Policy

En grupo CCEIC somos la Constructora de Fábricas de Alimentos para empresas AAA de alimentos, bebidas y algunos otros sectores industriales con presencia en México y el mundo.

CCEIC, S.A. de C.V., stablished in Puebla #314, 1st floor, Roma Suburb, Cuauhtémoc Deputation, postal code 06700 in Mexico City, in accordance with the provisions 15, 16 and 17 of the Mexico’s Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Parties (“the law”) and its Regulations, is the responsible of the personal data treatment provided to CCEIC, S.A. de C.V., (“CCEIC”).
According to the law, CCEIC could collect personal data, clarifying that all data collected from our clients, suppliers, employees or third parties whom celebrate or will celebrate legal or commercial actions with CCEIC, will be collected only with the intention to provide our services, therefore, that information will be processed in a confidential basis, including the information which enters from this website, and the personal data obtained for the offered services; process that will subsist even after completing our legal relationships with the owner of the data provided.
All personal data freely provided to CCEIC, regarding the legal relationship and/or commercial or any other kind of relationship, can include, among others: i) identification document; ii) contact data; iii) social security data provided directly or by any third party specifically for that purposes, all necessary information to provide our services and comply with our obligations.
All personal data provided to CCEIC will only be for the following purposes:
• Verify the identity of the holder or its legal representative.
• Provide commercial information about our services and products.
• Investigate and/or study projects and possible investments.
• Celebrate commercial relationships.
• Hiring process and human resources.
• Integrate and keep actualized a data base of clients and suppliers.
• Advertising for marketing purposes.
CCEIC has signed agreements with individuals to whom we transfer personal data only to provide our services and, in case, the nature of the services requested or for the specialization grade, result necessary an intervention of a third party to carry out its activities, CCEIC might transfer the collected personal data, with any of its subsidiaries who share internal policies with CCEIC.
Anyone who provided personal data, authorize and consent on its processing inside Mexico or overseas, and understands that data will be used directly or indirectly for CCEIC, such as third parties who keep a strictly professional relationship, in order to provide our services or accomplish our obligations to you.
It’s important to note that any third party who was transferred with personal data by the reasons mentioned above, are obligated in the same terms of the current Privacy Policy and should comply appropriate security and confidentiality measures.
All personal data collected in order to provide our services, will only be treated by CCEIC’s employees, except for the content of article 37 of the law.
For the correct treatment of your personal data, CCEIC has implemented some security measures, such as technological, physical and administrative which allow the availability, integrity, confidentiality and authorized use of it.
The personal data provided is incorporated in a confidential basis, property of CCEIC, where it is stored and protected, avoiding its loss, unauthorized use or alteration, in accordance with the law; in this regard, we communicate that you always have the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the processing of your personal data, or if necessary, revoke the consent that has been given us. This is recognized as “ARCO” rights.
You can exercise your “ARCO” rights, by yourself or through a legal representative, by sending a request to our e-mail (
The request to make use of your “ARCO” rights, must contain at least:
a) Name, address or another way to communicate the answer.
b) The documents that certify your identity or legal representation.
c) The clear description of the personal data which is requested to be protected by “ARCO” rights.
d) An express and direct manifestation of the rights you want to exercise and any element that facilitate the location of the personal data.
If you want to rectify personal data, you must indicate the exact modification you want to make and attach to the request all support documents.
Also, you can revoke the consent given to CCEIC to the treatment of your personal data, contacting us by email, including your name, contact data and the requested revoke.
After receiving your request with the complete information, we shall communicate the answer within a maximum period of 20 working days. If the request proceeds, you will be able to exercise your requested rights within 15 days following the date of the reception of the favorable answer.
If we need to deliver physical documentation, as a result of your exercised rights, the process will be done through photocopies that will be delivered at the address pointed out in your request, within the period mentioned above.
It’s possible that we request additional information or documentation which allows to speed up the identification process of the data you want to access, rectify and/or cancel, or those for which you want to oppose for their treatment.
Additionally, we ask you to consider that in some cases, CCEIC will not be able to cancel or block your personal data, and others, so you would not be able to oppose its treatment because of the law and its regulations.
CCEIC may modify or update the current Privacy Policy at any time. For any material change to this Privacy Policy, we will communicate it by posting the notice in our website.
Manifests its tacit consent to collect, transfer and processing of your personal data by not objecting the content of this Privacy Policy, which was provided freely, voluntary, informed and under unequivocal terms according to the law, its regulations and this Privacy Policy.